About​ Me

I Am An Amateur Photographer, Self-Taught Designer, And Competitive Creative Spirit.

Member of UNC’s Hussman School of Journalism and Media, Majoring in Advertising and Public Relations

My most notable work in design and photography comes from being Design Editor followed by Editor-in-Chief of my high school’s yearbook, junior and senior years respectively. I was responsible for overseeing 10 staff members and personally proofing every page of a 400 page yearbook.

More recently I’ve been honing my editing skills as I learn about the art of digital storytelling. My video The Old Well: Taste The Tradition demonstrates both understanding and application of cohesive video montage.

My Skills

I have proficiency in a multitude of Adobe platforms and am able to read and produce requested HTML and CSS code for website design.


Future Career Goals and Aspirations

San Fransisco 49ers

Graphic Designer

As an avid 49ers fan and aspiring designer, I studied the graphics themes the 49ers use on their social media each season. I would love to be a part of their graphics team so I can assist the organization in taking their social media presence to a more innovative and inspired level.


Sports Photographer

I have always had an affinity for sports photography and took most of the sport photos for my high school’s yearbook. With my creative competitive mindset of always wanting to get the perfect shot, no matter what, I think I’d be the perfect addition to any sideline.


Content Creator

As someone who enjoys working on multiple projects at once, I think I would thrive working for a sport and entertainment agency. My personality lends itself to working closely with amateur and professional athletes to build an authentic brand for each client.